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North Salem High School Class of 1963

55th Class Reunion is now history

The 55th reunion was held September 14, 2018 at the Keizer Elk’s Club.  It was a resounding success with about 100 students and guests attending.  The food was great and the band played super music.  Lots of classmates enjoyed some fun dancing. It is always fun to see familiar faces and talk about what is happening in our lives.  It is also hard to believe it was only five years ago when we gathered for the 50th.  Time is moving much too fast, but we will keep pace as best we can and plan for the 60th in 2023. (Remember when the book “2001 a space odyssey” was futuristic? We blew by that one rather easily.)  There is a second sequel titled, “2061: odyssey three” but that may be a stretch.

Thanks to all who attended the mini-reunion, and a special thank you to the dedicated folks who did the planning and hosting of the event.  Thank you, thank you.



News of the passing of classmates has been received recently:

Gene Leslie Salter  September 15, 2018

Roger M. Roth January 25, 2018

Gary Lynn Thorson January 15, 2018

David Steele Shuford December 22, 2017

James Stanley Bush  (Kerne)  September of 2017

Gary B. Read (Alkire) July 31, 2017

Kenneth Paul Jacobsen May 26, 2017

Neal Alan Bentley  February 11, 2017

Michael Eugene Malone September 25, 2016

Thomas Reno Brantner June 22, 2016

Garry Dean Lienhard   May 23, 2016

Nanci Anne Anderegg Gogle April 9, 2016

Karyl Kay Luman February 13, 2016

Judy Gay Stone Stanley August 9, 2015

Lester Lloyd Perry   August 5, 2015

Lewis Franklin Skurlock Jr            2015

John Allen Anderson May 26, 2015

Brady Leonard Adams April 13, 2015

Leonard Robert Anderson April 10, 2015

Darlene Marie Holland Storm  February 4, 2015

Thomas Edward Kline November 18, 2014

Roger Allen Stelts  August 14, 2014

Wayne Edgar Willard Jr.  January 11, 2014

Vincent Harold Shults    April 26, 2013

Rose Marie Ethell     March 19, 2013

Harold Clay Lorenz     ?

A correction: the date of death for Jerry Gum May 25, 1988.

We are always saddened with such news and recall them from memory with fondness. They are missed.

This website will remain open until the next reunion. Please be mindful several of the pages in this website have now become obsolete, but will remain as place holders, in order to make it easier to revise them eventually for the 60th reunion. It seems much easier to edit them in place, rather than recreate them from scratch, as my skills are limited.

. . . . . . . . We have all changed after 55 years, but underneath it all, that same person we knew so long ago, even if ever so briefly in some instances, is still there. Those red and black threads still connect us.

Ongoing work is being done on our data base of addresses, phone numbers and emails. If anyone has made a change please contact Penny Holstad. You can find her mailing address, phone and email address on the Registration Form you may still have, or which is a link on the bottom of the Registration Instructions page on this website. Go to the menu above, hit Registration Instructions and Forms, then on the page it presents, go to the very bottom of it and hit the blue colored link for Registration Form, and on the form you will find her about half way down the page. Let her know so we can stay in touch over the years ahead.

If you have changes or new information concerning the In Memoriam page, you can let Penny know.

If you have changes or new information concerning the Missing Alumni page, you can let Penny know.

Again, check back here from time to time, as new information is being posted as it becomes available.

Thank you.

Last update: September 15, 2018

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